10 irritating buzz words revealed

THE most annoying ‘buzz words’ used in offices have been revealed in a new survey.
With more workers now returning to the office, whether it be the old normal or the start of a new hybrid working model, how we interact with our colleagues in an office environment is pushing its way back to the top of our workday thoughts.
From slacking at work to leaving the office sink a mess, we all have colleagues’ habits that annoy us.
Happily, however, we also have traits we value more highly in a colleague, from being a good listener to making new starters feel welcome.
To discover the most desirable and undesirable behaviours in fellow work colleagues, technology solutions company Brother surveyed more than 1,000 workers based in an office, work from home, or work under a hybrid working model.
The most desirable traits were being a good listener, making new people feel welcome, offering to help at busy times and having regular catch-ups for morale.
Least desirable traits included a lack of personal hygiene, not doing their work, leaving the kitchen, desk or communal area in a mess and interrupting.
Other discoveries included the fact one in five workers had left a job due to an annoying colleague. One in 10 had changed jobs after a friend left the company.
But the most irritating phrases are sure to cause some consternation in the offices. The Brother survey revealed the following made the list:

1: Holibobs (29%)
2. Teamwork makes the dreamwork (27%)
3. Giving 110% (25%)
4. Happy Hump Day (25%)
5. Happy Fri-yay (25%)
6. Touch base (24%)
7. Nice to e-meet you (22%)
8. Beer o’clock (22%)
9. Go the extra mile (19%)
10. Think outside the box (19%)

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