Wiltshire Police announces survey to hear from residents

RESIDENTS are being asked to tell the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) how they feel about policing in their communities. 

Feedback from the survey – which is open until January 29 – will be used to develop the constabulary’s budget for 2024/25. 

PCC Philip Wilkinson, said: “As your Police and Crime Commissioner, it is my job to ensure Wiltshire Police have the necessary resources to fight and prevent crime, improve visibility and improve the service you receive. 

“We are seeing improvements being made by Wiltshire Police in its delivery of the policing service that residents rightly expect – and deserve – but there is ever more work to do in order that you see, and feel, those improvements.

“It is also apparent from residents’ feedback – heard by both myself and the chief constable throughout our varying public engagements this year – you are still not seeing improvements in police service delivery as quickly as you would like.

“This feedback, alongside the clear picture from the force, forms the backdrop to my budget planning this year.”

PCC Philip Wilkinson. Photo: Philip Wilkinson.

PCC Philip Wilkinson. Photo: Philip Wilkinson.

Wiltshire Police is one of the lowest-funded forces nationally, per head of population, and the PCC continues to push for change and for review of the national funding formula.

The budget is made up of centralised government funding from the Home Office and locally from the police precept component of council tax. 

As part of the survey, respondents are asked whether their household is prepared to spend more in taxes to increase the standard of the force.  

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Mr Wilkinson added: “The Cost of Living crisis is squeezing all financial elements for families, businesses and the public sector, alike. 

“Any increase to the precept I know will be felt keenly but we have a clear opportunity to transform Wiltshire Police for the better and I am asking for the public to use their voice and have their say.

“I have already committed to a new southern policing hub for the county and that pledge to deliver this continues, and there are further plans to invest in our policing estate which we will announce shortly. 

“Both the chief constable and I are committed to delivering a policing service which is able to meet an ever-changing crime picture and is fit for the future too.”

The survey – which runs until January 29 – can be completed at

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  1. Glenna Ferdinando Reply

    As a pensioner, l share the following request with many others of all ages and that is…PLEASE bring back “Bobbies on the beat”. With serious crime on the increase, l feel, as many others do, unsafe to walk the streets alone at night. With knife crime on the increase, l feel particularly anxious when so many young and innocent people are targeted. How safe we all felt when we knew there was someone not far away keeping an eye on the community, who got to know the families on the estates and were respected. By bringing them back, l feel very strongly it would have a knock on effect, in that through people feeling safer it would reduce mental anxiety, make criminals think twice and make places a safer place to visit. So please do consider my request and bring back our forgotten angels..because that’s what they were!

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