Burglar who stole £80k-worth of items from Salisbury home jailed

BURGLAR Edy Hernandez, who stole £80,000-worth of treasured items from the Salisbury home of a woman in her 70s, has been jailed.

The 29-year-old, of Wilton Avenue, Southampton, pleaded guilty to burglary and theft when he appeared at Southampton Crown Court on Friday (April 19).

He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

On the night of October 5 last year, Hernandez broke into the woman’s home while she was away for the night.

He forced his way in via an upstairs window and stole a flat screen television, a tablet, several suitcases, distinctive bottles of alcohol and jewellery including diamond rings, diamond earrings, broaches, pendants, pearl chains, ruby ring and Georgian drop diamond earrings.

When the victim returned to her home the following day, she found her home had been broken in to and all her personal items stolen.

An investigation was launched by Wiltshire Police’s Burglary Team which led officers to arrest Hernandez the following month.

Some of the stolen items were seized from his address in Southampton.

Det Sgt Ted Roe said: “Burglary is a completely invasive crime – by doing what he did, Hernandez has left this lady feeling extremely vulnerable and anxious in the one place she should feel most safe.

“To take someone’s sense of security and invade their privacy in this way is totally unacceptable and our Burglary Team is fully committed to targeting offenders like Hernandez and ensuring they are put before the courts.”

In a personal impact statement, the victim described how the incident has changed her life.

She said: “I cannot explain to you the feelings I experienced when I returned home on that day and discovered my house had been broken into.

“There was the horror and heartbreak of opening each door to see it had been searched and noticing sentimental items missing, praying that they had not been taken and I would later find them. I heavy heartedly knew this was wishful thinking.

“I just felt so vulnerable living alone and the nights after the burglary were very uncomfortable for me, up until I knew he had been caught. I would hear every noise and wake up worried that he had returned.

“To have that feeling of being scared in your own house is horrible. He not only took my property but he took away my sense of security in my own home.

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the police who have been efficient and very supportive. Without them, this whole affair would have been very much harder to deal with.”

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