Help find these dogs forever homes

Breed: Foxhound Cross
Age: 2

Daisy is a beautiful two-year-old foxhound. She’s a lovely girl and has settled well at Salisbury.
Daisy would suit a home where someone is around for the majority of the time as she struggles when left alone.
We feel she would also benefit greatly from living with another playful, tolerant dog. Once comfortable with another dog, Daisy can be quite persistent when she wants to play!
Daisy can live with sensible children aged 13 and above pending successful introductions here at the centre. She does have a worried side, so any children in the home must be able to read Daisy.



Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 11

Frankie is a handsome Spaniel.
He is looking for a understanding adult only home, due to him becoming anxious in some situations.
Frankie enjoys going for a walks with his four-legged friends and would love for some dog walking friends in his home.
Although Frankie is dog-friendly, he does prefer his own space and due to this we do feel he would be better suited as the only pet in the home.
Further training would be needed for Frankie in his new home, the behaviour team here would be very keen to show you and support you with how we have been making progress with his training here at the centre, this will help with settling Frankie in and setting expectations for him.



Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 10

Bruno is a gentle, distinguished older boy with a sweet disposition, who loves nothing more than lounging around with his best buddies after a quiet morning country stroll.
His perfect day would consist of a tasty breakfast before heading out to explore, followed by a snooze and some downtime with his human friends before heading back out for an afternoon walk.
He is very happy to travel in vehicles so trips to scenic locations would be good.
In the past Bruno has had canine walking buddies but has become less inclined.
It’s important that his new owners are confident and comfortable in handling him, which the training team will help with.

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