It’s about more than just clothing at the Regent store in Salisbury

In our modern world it can feel as though the charm of shopping has been stripped out of the retail experience.
As huge chains fight for our attention with cut price fast-fashion pieces ripped from the most in-vogue looks, smaller businesses and independents struggle to attract and retain a steady customer base.
The situation has undoubtedly worsened since the Coronavirus pandemic, and the impending cost-of-living crisis will be keeping business owners up at night. Is it any wonder that there are so many empty stores on our high streets? Yet, behind a delightful Victorian shopfront, in the heart of Salisbury, a quiet revolution is taking place in fashion retailing.
While it’s only a stone’s throw away from Salisbury Cathedral, you could almost be forgiven for missing the Regent store.

Founder and owner Jason Regent, said: “Regent is a modern styling experience and we prides ourselves on offering something for everyone. But, to get the most out of your visit you should really book yourself a free styling appointment, with no obligation to buy anything.
“Over a lifetime, we all transition through different styles and we have the expertise to guide our customers through those stages and help them find what suits them best. Good clothing can have an incredible influence on how we feel about ourselves.”
With seven rooms, set across three floors, the family business is packed with carefully curated clothing, accessories and lifestyle items.
Each brand is selected to reflect the business’ ethos and passion for heritage products and, above all else, quality.
Regent stocks brands such as Gloverall, Baracuta, Wrangler, FjallRaven and YMC alongside smaller, independent and local brands. Regent’s own line of apparel is underpinned by the simple notion of getting the best quality for the best price.
“We believe that if you buy quality and spend your money well, you should really only have to buy once.” Jason added
“The right coat should last you a lifetime and there’s no reason that shirts, shoes and trousers shouldn’t last you for years. All of this is especially important now as families are beginning to feel the pinch.”
With an already established reputation for their made-to-measure suit service, Regent has expanded over the years to provide casualwear, ladieswear and lifestyle accessories, including vinyl records, books and, most recently, eco-friendly cleaning products.

The shop wouldn’t feel out of place in Shoreditch or Williamsburg but it is the fact that it is located in Salisbury that adds to the charm of the place.
Regent is far more than a clothing store: it’s a philosophy.

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