Ketchup, dog and a passport: Some of the unusual items left in sold cars

A BOTTLE of ketchup, a passport, a dog and even a baby are among items left in cars sold last year.
Online car buyer, webuyanycar, has revealed some of the weird and wonderful items its customers left behind after selling their car last year.

The company estimates staff find around 130,000 forgotten items each year, from the understandable to the downright shocking.
Perhaps the most astonishing discovery was a baby, which both mum and dad thought the other had taken out of the car.
Thankfully, webuyanycar branch managers in Cumbernauld, Glasgow, were happy to babysit until the panicked parents were able to return.
Similarly, a manager at webuyanycar’s branch in Kingston Retail Park, Newcastle, was surprised to find man’s best friend in the back of a car purchased last year.

The dog was swiftly collected by his frantic owner a short while later.
Other belongings abandoned in cars include a bottle of ketchup, a ‘lucky’ hardboiled egg, a photo of a llama, athletes foot cream, Champagne, a kebab, a passport and a wheelchair.
Richard Evans, head of technical services for webuyanycar, said: “Having bought more than 3 million cars over the years, it’s really no surprise our team comes across a few misplaced or forgotten items in cars. Webuyanycar strives to go above and beyond for our customers and sometimes that involves reuniting them with the strange things left behind by motorists.
“We do have a golden piece of advice for future customers: If you’ve just sold your car, have you checked to make sure you took everything out?”
Elsewhere, the manager at webuyanycar’s Cambridge branch was surprised to find £2,000 in cash left in one car, alongside the keys to a pub, while a buyer in Milton Keynes was amused to find a suitcase full of fancy dress costumes.
The most common items left behind are cables and chargers, with 85 percent of webuyanycar buyers saying they’ve come across these after a sale.
Next on the list are CDs or cassettes (72 percent), spare change (70 percent), dashcams (57 percent), keys (56 percent) shopping bags (54 percent) and child car seats at 31 percent.
Webuyanycar branch managers also revealed that 69 percent of customers celebrate when they complete the sale of their car, with the majority (92 percent) going in for an enthusiastic handshake, while some 15 percent will whoop or cheer. Seven percent even break out into a little dance or jig and another 5 percent go wild with an air punch.

Unusual items left in webuyanycar vehicles in 2022:
● Dog: Kingston Retail Park, Newcastle
● A baby: Cumbernauld, Glasgow
● Photo of a llama: Southend Branch, Essex
● Children’s toys: West Bromwich, Staffordshire
● Bottle of ketchup: Beckton, London
● Lucky hardboiled egg: Fleet, Hampshire
● Wheelchair: Hornsey, London
● £2,000 and keys to a pub: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
● A rat: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
● Passport: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
● Loose cat litter: Milton Keynes, Bucks
● UPVC Window: Bridlington, North Yorkshire
● Athletes foot cream: Birchwood, Merseyside
● A single wellington boot: Aldershot, Hampshire
● Christmas presents under the spare tyre: Hinckley, Leicestershire
● Child’s car seat: Imperial Retail Park, Bristol
● iPad: Imperial Retail Park, Bristol
● Bike: Imperial Retail Park, Bristol
● Champagne: Truro, Cornwall
● Floppy disc: Milton Keynes, Bucks
● A kebab: Folkstone, Kent
● A bible: Pontypridd, Wales
● A set of golf clubs: Andover, Hampshire
● Suitcase of fancy dress costumes: Andover, Hampshire.

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