Lib Dem vote surges in by-elections

CITY and county council by-elections in Salisbury ended in victory for the Liberal Democrats.
The Salisbury St Paul’s ward on both Salisbury City and Wiltshire Councils was left vacant after the sad passing of Councillor Mary Webb in August. Cllr Mary Webb was a dedicated public servant and St Paul’s resident.
Victory in the by-elections means both seats were gains for the Lib Dems, as Cllr Webb was a Conservative.
Newly-appointed Wiltshire Councillor, Sam Charleston, and new City Councillor, Lynne Blackwood, both received 60% of the vote in a resounding poll victory for the party.
Sam said: “I’m humbled by the overwhelming support people in my home ward have shown to Lynne and me.
“We will endeavour to work hard on behalf of St Paul’s and all its residents.”
Despite national polls showing a surge in Labour vote after the demise of Liz Truss
as Prime Minister, this was not reflected
in Salisbury.

It was the Lib Dems who benefited from a collapse of the Conservative vote, which dropped by 15.6%.
In the Wiltshire Council election, the Lib Dems saw an increase of 34.8% (64.8% of the vote), with the Tory vote falling by 15.6% (16.6% of the vote). Labour’s vote dropped by 3.3% (18.5%).
“The result last night shows once again that Liberal Democrats in Salisbury are the only challengers to the Conservatives locally and nationally,” Sam added.
The Liberal Democrats now hold 28 seats and are the largest opposition group on Wiltshire Council, with the Conservatives in overall control, with a total of 60 seats.

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