Police warning to speeding drivers as Salisbury roadworks continue

DRIVERS are being urged to leave extra time for journeys during roadworks in Salisbury – as police clampdown on speeding in the city.

Wiltshire Police officers have been patrolling areas around Devizes Road and Stratford Road after residents reported increased speeding.

“Salisbury is currently undergoing a large amount of road works, currently Ashley road is closed, work on Wilton and Netherhampton Road is ongoing and the inner city centre is also undergoing substantial work,” a spokesperson said.

“Residents of Devizes and Stratford Road have noticed an increase in speeding heading into the city and reported this to our local neighbourhoods teams.

“Both these roads are key routes into the city and pass several schools and as such numerous walking pupils.”

Wiltshire Police officers carrying out speed checks in Salisbury

Schools nearby include Pembroke Park Primary School, Sarum St Pauls Primary School, Manor Fields Primary School and South Wilts Grammar School.

After the reports, PC Evans and PC Catterick of Salisbury Response Team 3 conducted speed checks in the areas prior to the school run.

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“Almost all drivers were observing the correct 30 mph speed limit,” the spokesperson added.

Both PC Evans and PC Catterick live in the city and said: “We’ve all noticed the increase in traffic over the last few weeks.

“We need to leave more time to complete our journey and not attempt to speed via local short cuts.”

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