Salisbury Hospital parking charges suspended after problems with new cameras

A CAMERA-operated parking system installed at Salisbury Hospital earlier this month has been suspended less than two weeks later.

The system, which uses number plate recognition cameras to identify vehicles and apply parking fees, came into use at the hospital on February 6.

However, hospital bosses have now suspended the system amid ‘a number of problems’, meaning patients and visitors can park for free ‘until further notice’.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust CEO, Stacey Hunter, said: “Many patients and visitors have contacted me about problems that they are encountering with the new automated car parking system that was introduced this week.

“I wish to thank everyone who has brought these issues to my attention.

“Following investigations, a number of problems with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR cameras, and with the mobile phone app used for payment have been discovered.

“We have alerted the supplier to these problems and they have begun work to fix the issues.

“While that work is being undertaken, the system is being suspended and there will be no parking charges for patients and visitors until further notice.”

She added: “On behalf of the Trust I appreciate the support from our community and apologise for the confusion, frustration and inconvenience that has been caused by the system’s failures.

“Please be assured that there will be full testing of the system before it is re-introduced and we have been given assurance from the company that it is working properly.”

The problems mean drivers will not have to pay the fees, which were: Up to 2 hours £2.70; Up to 4 hours £4.50; Up to 6 hours £6.50; Up to 24 hours £8.00.

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