A florist’s tip: affordable ways to dress your Christmas table

by Susanne Kennedy.

This Christmas, more than ever, it is important to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones.
The dinner table is where the family gathers and where memories are made. A lovingly decorated table is where the festive spirit comes to life.

Here are some tips to make your seasonal tablescape special, yet sustainable and, very importantly, affordable:
Go back to basics – have a look around the garden and pick what’s pretty. Twigs, seed pods, evergreen ivy berry, teasels and laurel, whatever catches your eye can be used to decorate your table.
Appeal to all senses – bring the outside in with gatherings from your garden, forest or hedgerow. Use candles to bring warmth to your room, mixed in with the scent and texture of your foliage. Rosemary, sage, leyland cypress or eucalyptus will bring a lovely fragrance to any space.
Add fruits and nuts – dot around oranges (decorated with cloves for a Christmassy aroma), tangerines, figs and nuts to bring some colour to your table.

They look great among the green and they can be eaten with the cheese course. At Milston Flower Barn we believe that less is often more. A festive table does not have to cost the world, in fact, it can be totally free to create a magical table with treasures foraged on your doorstep. /

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