Cold snap brings busiest day of breakdown recoveries on record

BREAKDOWN recovery firm the RAC had its busiest day on record during the recent cold snap.
The firm revealed that on December 12 around 12,000 drivers needed help in freezing conditions.
RAC Breakdown spokesperson, Rod Dennis, said the record number of calls was down to a series of factors which combined to create a ‘worst-ever winter breakdown cocktail’.
“(December 12) was officially our busiest day for breakdowns on record, with around 12,000 drivers needing help, the equivalent of eight every minute of the day.
“Even our busiest day during the infamous Beast from the East in 2018 didn’t see as many people breaking down.
“We believe two key ingredients have combined to create the worst-ever winter breakdown cocktail – a sustained period of cold weather with an absence of widespread snow that would otherwise keep people indoors, and a big rise in the number of drivers who can’t afford to maintain their vehicles as we well as they’d like to due to the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.”
He said the remainder of the week was also busy, with rail strikes likely forcing more people onto the roads. With the harsh winter weather continuing to cause havoc across the UK, the RAC is warning drivers to be prepared for the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas.
Dennis added: “Hazardous road conditions are continuing. Those who have to use more rural roads that haven’t been gritted will need to exercise great care, delay, or even abandon their plans.
“Before setting out, allow some more time to de-ice and de-mist your vehicle thoroughly. We urge drivers who have to make essential journeys to leave extra space behind the vehicle in front, reduce their speeds to give plenty of time to stop.
“Anyone still wondering if it’s worthwhile carrying an emergency winter pack with them should imagine how it must have felt for drivers stuck on the M25 for eight hours recently. Carrying warm clothing layers – including a waterproof jacket – as well as a blanket, sturdy footwear, a flask of hot drink and power bank to keep phones charged are all extremely important.”

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