17 million in Christmas getaway caused traffic problems for drivers

ALMOST 17 million cars were expected to hit UK roads over Christmas.
The AA was predicting high levels of traffic over the Christmas period, with millions setting off for Christmas on December 23 and Christmas Eve, causing lengthy jams at traffic hotspots.
A survey of more than 12,000 drivers revealed which days could freeze plans over the festive period with bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Planned Network Rail strikes added to the getaway mayhem as staff planned to walkout on Christmas Eve.
Almost a quarter planned to travel for work on December 15 and 16, after which business-based travel dropped off until the New Year.
A fifth (20%) said they were driving to do their Christmas shopping on Saturday, December 17, with one in 10 (12%) opting to use Christmas Eve as their final shopping day.
This year, the main days for celebrating with friends and family were Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, the survey said.
While the big day was set to be one of the quietest days on the road, of those driving almost two in five (39%) were meeting up with their loved ones.
Edmund King, AA president, said: “While December 23 and Christmas Eve were set to be the busiest travelling days, planned industrial action by rail service staff led to increased levels of cars on our roads.”
He added: “New Year’s Day will be the quietest day on the roads which is probably a good thing especially if drivers have been partying the previous evening.
“Drivers can still be breathalysed and lose their licence for driving over the limit the morning after. So, remember if you are going to drive, don’t drink, and if you are going to drink, don’t drive.”

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