Cranberries: surprisingly versatile

Whether you make your own or save time by buying it from a shop, you are guaranteed to have some cranberry sauce left over.
You may think of putting it back in the fridge and using it on another day, which is the right attitude but you won’t be alone in finding it lurking unused and unloved some (many) months later.
Cranberries are not just for Christmas so don’t let this year’s sauce suffer the same fate, after all, it is a surprisingly versatile condiment.
You can combine it with any slightly stale croissants you might normally throw away to make an indulgent version of a bread and butter pudding.
You can add some to your morning porridge or bake them into your favourite muffin recipe (try using them instead of blueberries).
Try adding some to a breakfast bar recipe, or to an ice cream mix.

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