Have your say over polling stations and districts as part of Wiltshire review

THE locations of polling stations across Wiltshire are being reviewed to ensure they are accessible to all.

Members of the public are being urged to have their say over polling districts, places and stations, as Wiltshire Council carries out a legally-obligated review.

The council is responsible for dividing its area into polling districts for the purpose of UK Parliamentary elections.

And it says the review will help ensure all of Wiltshire’s polling districts, places and stations are, as far as possible, suitable, and accessible to all voters.

The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 introduced a change to the timing of compulsory reviews of UK Parliamentary polling districts and polling places. The last compulsory review took place in 2019.

A consultation is now underway to get people’s views on the current polling facilities and electoral arrangements in the county and these will be considered before final recommendations are put forward to the Electoral Review Committee.

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The consultation can be found at and will run until 5pm on October 31.

(Acting) Returning Officer for Wiltshire, Terence Herbert, said: “This review could ultimately see some changes being made to the local polling stations that are used in elections and where people vote, so we really welcome people’s thoughts.

“All representations submitted will be considered before our final recommendations.

“Thanks to people in advance for their support with this important work.”

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