More than 90 arrests in Wiltshire drink and drug-drive Christmas campaign

MORE than 100 drivers were investigated during Wiltshire Police’s Christmas Drink and Drug Drive campaign.

On December 1, the force launched the month-long crackdown with the message, ‘Don’t Risk It’, urging drivers to plan their journeys in advance if intending on consuming alcohol or illegal drugs over the festive season.

Throughout the month, the Roads Policing Unit, neighbourhood teams and special constabulary increased patrols, alongside the Road Safety Partnership, to target those drink or drug driving.

A total of 108 drivers were investigated, with 94 then arrested.

The arrests came about either as a result of officers proactively stopping vehicles; reports from members of the public; or minor collisions where the drivers were signed off fit to detain by the ambulance service.

A total of 14 of the drivers were dealt with outside of arrest due to being involved in serious collisions which involved hospital processes.

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A/Insp Will Ayres, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “Although the annual Christmas campaign is over, we will continue to target drink or drug drivers throughout the county every day, and we encourage the public to report people to us who they suspect of committing these offences.

“This year we saw a switch towards more people drink driving with a total of 65, compared to just under 40 for drug driving.

“We did see a dip in drink driving offences following Covid but with the world now back to normal, people’s drinking practises have resumed and combined with the celebratory mood over Christmas, this appears to have led to a higher number of arrests.

“It’s completely unacceptable to get behind the wheel of a vehicle having consumed alcohol or illegal drugs – you are putting your own life and the lives of other road users in serious danger.

“Please think carefully about whether or not you are fit to drive when you get into a vehicle – it’s simply not worth the risk.”

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