Three vehicles seized by police in Amesbury during anti-drink and drug driving operation

THREE vehicles were seized by police during an anti-drink driving operation in Amesbury.

Wiltshire Police officers were out on Saturday night (December 9) as part of the force’s annual Christmas Drink/Drug Drive Campaign, which runs throughout December.

The operation sees the Roads Policing Unit, neighbourhood teams and special constabulary stepping up patrols alongside the Road Safety Partnership, to target those who get behind the wheel of a car having drunk alcohol or consumed illegal drugs.

And on Saturday night, officers dealt with three drivers for having no MOT, one for driving a vehicle with defective tyres, three for having no insurance and one driver for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

One driver was also dealt with for driving while disqualified, while three vehicles were seized and one vehicle was issued a prohibition notice.

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PC Mike Handscomb said: “It’s really important that road users are ensuring their vehicles are road legal and safe before making any journey, and at this time of year when driving conditions can be more challenging with adverse weather conditions, it’s more important than ever.

“We will continue to conduct patrols on our roads over the coming weeks – we know people will be out and about to celebrate Christmas parties and we’d urge everyone to think ahead and plan their journey home.

“Drinking or taking illegal drugs and getting behind the wheel of a car is just not worth the risk.”

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    This will be why the police couldn’t respond to a crime in progress as I was told they were busy as it’s Saturday evening

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