Baby featured in first Stars Appeal fundraiser returns to Salisbury hospital

ALMOST two decades ago, the first ever fundraising campaign for the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal was launched.

The appeal, launched 17 years ago, featured a mother holding a baby who had been looked after at the Neonatal Unit for a number of weeks.

That baby was Imogen Sanders – who returned to the ward this week to meet two of the sisters who helped care for her in the first weeks of her life.

Imogen now lives in Australia and was back in Salisbury visiting her grandparents, who took her to the hospital to meet Sisters Clare Baggott and Ingrid Webb.

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“She was able to see and tell her mum Claire about the many enhancements that your donations have been able to fund at the Neonatal Unit in the intervening years, which include state-of-the-art incubators and a suite of parents’ accommodation for 10 mums and four partners,” a Stars Appeal spokesperson said.

Imogen is now studying A-Levels in Australia and is a very keen sportsperson.

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