New app could ‘turn your phone into a dashcam – and report crimes’

AN app that can turn your smartphone into a dashcam to report traffic crimes will soon be available in the UK.
According to the creator of the free app, it will enable drivers to clock and report 21 different offences on the roads – including speeding motorists – using the phone camera mounted on the dashboard.
Other offences that could be logged include breaking the rules of the Highway Code, jumping red lights, failing to indicate when turning or merging lanes, using a mobile device, parking illegally, or carrying out dangerous driving.
According to The Times newspaper, the app is set to be available in the UK from May.
Currently, it is estimated around a quarter of drivers has a dashcam in their vehicle.
However, with almost every driver out on the roads today having a mobile phone available, the app will allow many more people to be able to report car crime – theoretically making the roads safer for all users.
Founder Oleksiy Afonin recently held meetings with National Police Chiefs’ Council to discuss how it would work for drivers and traffic officers.
He has stated that footage could be submitted to the police through an official video portal in less than a minute.
This is a lot simpler than downloading and then supplying the police with traditional dashcam footage.
During the discussions with the police, it was agreed how the app’s recordings would be able to be used as evidence in court, should it be needed.
It was also confirmed those using the app while driving will not face a risk of using a mobile phone behind the wheel – and be fined for it.
Instead, drivers will simply be required to touch the record button on the app’s home screen.
They will then be able to supply the footage to the police once they have parked and turned off the engine.
While the driver is using the app, unless they press the screen, it will automatically delete footage after 30 seconds, the RAC reported.

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