No longer embarrassing relics – vinyl collecting is now big business is big business

It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that the resurgence of interest in vinyl records in recent years has been little short of phenomenal.

Back in the early part of this century nobody seemed to want them, now they are all the rage.

And perhaps most surprisingly, they are collected by those of all ages.

It’s not just the old sixties rockers and erstwhile hippies that are going back to fill spaces in their collections.

A whole new, much younger generation is getting involved too. What does all this mean for values? For the market?

Well, there’s a veritable mountain of material for sale out there and it must be said much of it of little or no value.

However, in some areas there seems to be an almost insatiable appetite that craves to be sated.

Progressive rock, punk, new wave is all good news. Some early blues and jazz maybe. Classical music is complex and a different market.

Big names, such as The Beatles, are highly sought after. But one must add a caveat; collectors are choosy and only want the best or rarest.

Condition is critical, both the record and the cover. Posters, stickers and associated material can be crucial.

Completeness is a buzzword. The same goes for rock and pop related ephemera; concert programmes, autographs and so forth.

And here, of course, the key word is provenance.

Why not get your collection valued, now could hardly be a better time.

Nick Aves – 07754058850

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