Playhouse theatre reveals ‘huge loss of revenue’ due to Covid pandemic

THEATRE fans in Salisbury are being encouraged to use a city venue facing a ‘huge loss’ in revenue due to Covid-19.
Salisbury Playhouse suffered losses throughout the pandemic and says audiences have been slower to return than hoped.
A drop in ticket, food and drink sales represented a ‘huge loss of revenue’, a spokesperson for Wiltshire Creative, which runs the theatre, said.
The news came as the Playhouse prepares to open its panto, Cinderella, hoping the show will give the coffers a welcome boost.

Jasmine Triadi, is playing Cinderella in panto at the Playhouse. Photo: Playhouse

Jasmine Triadi, is playing Cinderella in panto at the Playhouse. Photo: Playhouse

“The pandemic has had a devastating impact on audiences around the country, including here in Salisbury, they are slower to return than we all would have hoped,” they said.
“This has, in turn, resulted in a huge loss of revenue through ticket, food, and drink sales, which support the running of the whole organisation.”
Audiences were only one part of the problems being experienced, they said, with energy bills also spiralling.
“Wiltshire Creative’s utility costs are due to increase by 400 per cent and inflation is now at 11 per cent,” they added.
“We are extremely grateful to receive funding from the Arts Council England, Wiltshire Council and Salisbury City Council but the dramatic rise in the rate of inflation, as well as the rocketing cost of utilities and materials, continue to eat away at that funding.”
Cinderella opens on November 26, running until January 8 next year.
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