‘Sad to say goodbye’: MP reacts as Salisbury constituency boundaries to change

THE Salisbury parliamentary constituency – the area represented by the MP – is set to change.

After months of consultation, the Boundary Commission for England has published its final recommendations for new constituencies across the country.


Among those set to change is the Salisbury area, represented currently by John Glen (Con, Salisbury).

Under the plan, submitted on June 28, the Salisbury constituency would lose the Till Valley, Amesbury East and Bulford, Amesbury West and Amesbury South wards.

The constituency will gain the Tisbury and Nadder Valley wards as well as the remainder of the Fovant and Chalke Valley division.

Salisbury boundary review

Mr Glen said he has regularly met with interested parties throughout the process.

“I am, of course, sad to be saying goodbye to parts of the constituency which many would only ever identify with being a part of the Salisbury constituency,” he said.

“Over the past 13 years, it has been an honour to serve the people of Amesbury, Shrewton and the Woodford Valley who share a great affinity to Salisbury, and I know this news of boundary changes may come as a disappointment.

“I can assure you I will remain your MP until the next election and continue to represent you to the best of my ability in Parliament.

“To residents in Tisbury, Fovant and the Nadder Valley, I look forward to spending more time listening to your concerns over the coming weeks and months in the run-up to the next general election.

“I aim to earn your trust and to learn more about the issues that need addressing in your communities.

“I can assure you that your voices will be recognised as equally important to those areas already established in the Salisbury constituency.”

The boundaries process was aimed at bringing constituencies across the country into line, with each having a more even number of voters, as well as more representative areas.

In Salisbury, the commission explained their reasoning for its decisions as aiming to ‘increase the electorate of the Salisbury constituency … include the whole of the Fovant & Chalke Valley ward and the Tisbury ward, which also allowed for the South West Wiltshire constituency to fall within the permitted range’.

The changes are set to come into force for the next general election, which could take place any time until January 28, 2025.


  1. Anon. (at Tilshead) Reply

    Does this affect our home addresses? Is the name Salisbury being removed from our home address ? We are proud to be a part of Salisbury area. Places further afield will get a say in what affects us in our area, so they won’t care as it won’t be any odds to them. Is that correct?

  2. Stephen Earl Reply

    how blatently obvious a way of removing all new housing estates from salisbury parish. just in case the vote anything other than Conservative.!!!!! this has been repeated across the country in an attempt to prevent loss of power for the conservatives. shamefull. how do we stop these egomaniacs from changing laws to suit their own ends and ambitions at the cost of democracy.

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