Taste cafe raises money for the Salvation Army

CHRISTMAS with Friends events raised more than £1,000 for the Salisbury Salvation Army.
The gatherings were held by the Taste cafe, in Amesbury, with donations from customers being handed to the cause.
The total amount raised was £1,055.
“We were delighted to receive £,1055 from our friends at Taste cafe from donations given by their customers at two special Christmas events,” said a Salvation Army spokesperson said.
“The community-minded cafe hosted a mulled wine and mince pies reception on December 18 and then a Christmas Day lunch with customers gifting to the charity rather than paying the menu prices.
“The events were a huge and deserved success with some people spending Christmas day at the cafe rather than being home alone.
“Well done to the team and thank you for your kindness in raising these valuable funds for our work here in the Salisbury Community.
“God Bless.”

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