Wilton Town Council re-elects mayor for another year

Councillors on Wilton Town Council have re-elected Cllr Andy Kinsey has the town’s mayor for 2023/24. Cllr Alan Crossley will be deputy mayor for the year.

Cllr Kinsey says ”I would like to thank my fellow Councillors for the honour of electing me as mayor of Wilton and delighted to be working with the deputy mayor, Cllr Alan Crossley, councillors, staff and fellow Wiltonians.

“I am committed to addressing the concerns of the people of Wilton and can be contacted anytime via the Town Council website.”

Cllr Kinsey’s consort will be Mrs Alexandra Kinsey and deputy mayor, Cllr Alan Crossley’s consort is Mrs Yvonne Crossley.

The council currently has a vacancy for a town councillor. Candidates must be at least 18-years-old and a British subject or citizen of the Commonwealth or European Union and must satisfy one of the following criteria.

They must:
● Be a local government elector for the Parish of Wilton
● Have, during the whole of the previous 12 months, occupied land or other property in the parish, either as owner of tenant
● Have, during the whole of the previous 12 months, had your principal or only place of work in the parish
● Have resided in the parish during the whole of the previous 12 months.

Candidates must complete the co-option form which can be found on the council’s website and return it to the clerk by no later than 9am on Tuesday, 31st May.

Meetings are held on the first (full) and third (committee) Tuesday of every month.

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