Salisbury’s residents are invited to charter service marking 5th anniversary of the ‘Salisbury incident’

Salisbury’s residents are invited to attend the annual charter service on Sunday, 5th March at the Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund’s. The annual service celebrates the signing of the Salisbury Charter in 1227 and the links forged between the city council, the church and the local community.

This year’s service will coincide with the 5th anniversary of the ’Salisbury Incident’ and the service will offer residents an opportunity to reflect and remember the events of 2018, the city’s response and the growth and progression made as a community since that time.

City councillors and the mayor will process from the Guildhall at 10am arriving at St Thomas’ Church ahead of the 10.15am service. For those unable to attend, the service will be livestreamed on YouTube:

It has been 796 years since King Henry III made New Sarum a city by a charter confirming the relocation of the cathedral and the establishment of the both the Charter Market and annual Charter Fair, which remain a central part of the City’s life to this day.

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