Taking care of our mental health over the festive season

Wiltshire Mind offers advice for looking after our mental health at this time of year.

Christmas can feel like a very busy time for many of us, but it is important to try and find time to take care of our well-being too.
We recommend using the ‘Five ways to Wellbeing’ as a prompt. This includes:
● Connecting – spending time with people in a way that feels connecting and energising for you
● Be Active – take time to be active, even if just a short walk each day to get some fresh air. During the winter, it is especially important to get outside in the daylight.
● Take Notice – try to be mindful and focus on the current moment rather than worrying about the past or future. Even just a few minutes of focusing on your breathing can help.
● Learn – spend some time learning something new, even just listening to a short podcast can help keep your mind active.
● Give – helping others can help give you a sense of purpose. This might include supporting a friend, volunteering in your community or just being kind to others when you are doing your Christmas shopping.
Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding as you treat others. Be patient with yourself and others, and know that this time of year can be challenging for many of us, especially during a pandemic.

Be mindful of what you need and try to communicate this to the people around you, including setting any relevant boundaries such as topics you don’t want to talk about or events you don’t wish to attend.
Consider talking to a friend or loved one about how you are feeling.
For information about what to do in a mental health crisis, or for details of other organisations who provide immediate support, visit Wiltshire Mind’s support page:

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