Care home and eyecare specialists take a closer look at dementia

Not-for-profit care provider The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) and eye care specialists Haine & Smith have joined forces to raise awareness of dementia among staff in their optical practices across Wiltshire.
Tim Wright, a customer relationship manager based at OSJCT Goodson Lodge in Trowbridge, ran four sessions
to raise awareness of dementia which were open to all 160 staff across the 20 branches of Haine & Smith, as well as staff working in the company’s head office.

Wright explained: “OSJCT care homes are very much part of the community and we have been delighted to partner with Haine & Smith.
“From collecting donated old pairs of glasses within our homes for re-use, to delivering Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends information sessions, we enjoy forging meaningful partnerships like the one with Haine & Smith.
“Partnerships like this enable our residents to continue to be part of their communities, but also assist partner organisations with awareness-raising about dementia and how to support those living with the condition as well as their loved ones.”
Janet Hartwell, clinic & ECP manager at Haine & Smith Opticians, said: “Our staff take up of the Dementia Awareness sessions offered by OSJCT was incredibly encouraging and feedback has been very positive.
“It’s been invaluable just to understand the basics, such as the fact that dementia is a disease that can affect anyone at any time, it doesn’t only affect older people.
“Also, the greater awareness of some of the symptoms will positively affect how we treat patients when they come into our practices.
“The sessions were extremely informative, and we are proud to let the public know we are ‘Dementia Friendly’.
“We would certainly recommend anyone to take part in one of these sessions and are very grateful to Tim at OSJCT for sharing his time and knowledge with us.”

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