Best friends in search of a forever home at the Dogs Trust in Salisbury

Rupert Dogs Trust

Breed: Terrier Cross
Age: 5
Rupert is a busy boy who likes to live life in the fast lane! He loves to get involved in everything his humans are doing and would suit an active, adult-only household where he can have plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.
Rupert is sensitive to loud noises and hasn’t been too comfortable around children previously so a home with no young visiting children would be ideal.
Rupert will need to be the only pet in his new home but could potentially have calm walking buddies.
He is worried by traffic so living in a quiet area away from busy roads is essential. Rupert travels well in a car so he can be driven to quieter walking areas if needed.

Polo Dogs Trust
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 2-5
Polo needs an adult-only home with a maximum of two people.
He enjoys the company of people, but he finds it hard to settle if there is too much going on. The location should be a quite rural.
His home must have a large secure garden and his dream home would have a large secure paddock or field to have off lead exercise in. The garden is Polos favourite place, he enjoys this more than walks as he can play games with toys and do scent work sniffing out his toys and hidden treats.

Kita Dogs Trust
Breed: Siberian Husky Cross
Age: 9
Kita is looking for a home with her friend, Casper.
She needs an adult-only home with no other pets.
Due to her high chase drive Kita does need to stay on lead for her walks.
She also wears a muzzle so her new owners must be happy to continue this.
Kita isn’t used to being left so would prefer her new owners to be around for the majority of the time and build up any time left alone gradually.

Skippy Dogs Trust

Breed: Lurcher
Age: 2-5
Skippy is a loving but sensitive boy who is looking for a quieter home with patient and understanding owners.
In the home Skippy will need to have his own safe space where he can go while eating, his owners are preparing or eating food.
Skippy is not overly keen on other dogs so would like to be walked and exercised in low dog populated areas for him to relax and explore.
Skippy will need to wear a muzzle and be walked on lead when out in public places. It would be beneficial for Skippy to have his own secure garden so he can run and play.

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