Bird watchers’ excitement rises as peregrine pair match last year’s egg count

Eagle-eyed egg watchers (or should that be ‘falcon-eyed’ egg watchers?) have spied a third and fourth egg on the south tower balcony.

Our readers will recall our story in the last issue of the Gazette – Two eggs already laid ahead of Salisbury’s Peregrine Cam going live – with speculation mounting that the nesting pair might beat last year’s record of four eggs.

Well, a third and fourth egg have now been seen. The fourth egg was spotted by sharp eyed RSPB South Wilts member Nicola Bowes.

Incubation does not usually start until the penultimate egg has been laid, with each egg taking between 29-32 days to hatch. All eyes will be on Peregrine Cam for the next
few weeks.

News has also come in from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, where wildlife photographer Henry Rowe spotted Osmund (Blue Colour ring YK), the male falcon that fledged from Salisbury Cathedral’s tower in 2020.

According to Mr Rowe, Osmund is now sporting his adult plumage.

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