Church group moves to Salisbury

Words by Katrina Ffiske.

Trinity Church Salisbury has recently been set up by a group who decided to relocate from Southampton to Salisbury.
Intrigued to know what would make a group of people up sticks and move, I went to meet church leader Pete Bentley-Taylor.

Pete and his family have moved to Harnham. “Our group is very happy to come to Salisbury. Most of us were part of Christ Church Southampton and had a vision and desire to plant new churches in the south of England.
“Salisbury seemed a natural geographical progression. I led the team and we started with 27 adults and 13 children.”
Trinity Church is not part of the Church of England. It is an independent church and has no external authority structure. Its main aim is to encourage members of the community, particularly the young, to learn the lessons that the Bible has to teach and to see the impact that Jesus makes to a community.
“We want to welcome people from Salisbury and the villages beyond,” Pete continues. “If anyone doesn’t know or understand what Christianity is all about, we’d love them to come along and learn with us.
“We believe that the Bible has something to say to people today, and that really is the most interesting book in the world. Many think that the church is for older people but we have found that many of the young are eager to join and learn, hungry to consider questions of truth.
“In our society, even though we are increasingly less religious, people are still searching for meaning and satisfaction.
“It may be through work, relationships, money or leisure, but so often these things don’t provide the happiness that we seek. It’s like there is a hole in our hearts that only God can fill it. We want people to come and consider these claims for themselves.
“Our services here in Salisbury are both historical and contemporary, singing both old and new songs.”
Services are currently held in the hall at the South Wilts Grammar School and during the week they meet at individual’s houses for meetings. The church will be holding a Carols by Candlelight Service on Sunday, 18th December at 7pm.

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