Conservatives remain dominant in Salisbury

JOHN Glen has been elected as the MP for Salisbury following last night’s election result.

The conservative candidate received 17,110 votes with 34% of the vote share which will allow him to retain his seat and continue his 14-year run as Salisbury MP.

Matt Aldridge of Labour came in second place, closely followed by Victoria Charleston in third, Julian Malins of Reform in fourth, Barney Norris of the Green Party in fifth, Independent King Arthur Pendragon in sixth and Climate Party’s Chris Harwood finishing seventh.

Picture: Wiltshire Council

Picture: Wiltshire Council

The Conservative Party received mixed support in Wiltshire, with the tories securing South West Wiltshire and East Wiltshire along with Salisbury, but losing Chippenham and Melksham and Devizes to the Liberal Democrats.

The results were:

John Glen, Conservatives – 17,110

Matt Aldridge, Labour – 13,303

Victoria Charleston, Lib Dems – 11,825

Julian Malins, Reform – 5,235

Barney Norris, Green Party – 2,115

King Arthur Pendragon, Independent – 458

Chris Harwood, Climate Party – 127

John Glen retained his seat to continue his 14 year run as Salisbury MP Picture: John Glen

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