Coombe Bissett drama group seeks new and younger cast members

Coombe Bissett Drama Club is celebrating 50 years of plays, pantos and revues this year with a hog roast and dance in April.
Formed in 1973 in the newly built village hall, fully equipped with stage and lighting facilities, the club has staged 94 productions over that time with a 95th planned for May 2023.
Local amateur groups have reported difficulty in recruiting younger members, particularly men, and Coombe Bissett is no exception. For the play to be performed in May, two younger male actors who can play roles in the 25-35 age group are needed.

Past performances have included Field Day

Past performances have included Field Day

The play, “Life on the Landing” is set on the first floor landing in a house of multiple occupations. Rickie, an unemployed graduate, and his girlfriend, Carol, share one room; Sandy and Jules another. Rebecca, lives in a third. Rickie decides to have an impromptu party to celebrate the first moon landing. The landlord is less than cooperative.
Auditions will take place on 3 March at 7.30pm in Coombe Bissett Village Hall. Budding young actors who are interested should contact the director, Chris Chelu, on 01722 718 351.

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