Craftastic fairies for all occasions

Vicky Romain is the founder of Craftastic by Yixie based in Salisbury, prides herself on creating fairies to spread joy, hope, and strength.

“I started making my needle-felt fairies by hand during the lockdown,” explains Vicky, “but I officially launched it as a business on 29 March. Now they are on Etsy and at the Stuff Emporium shop on Winchester Street.

“Eventually, I want to expand to offer cards and other items. There is a lot of scope, as the fairies represent different elements. One is called Elementis, which represents water, earth, air and fire. She comes with her own story, and her hair is made of merino wool.

“Each fairy is unique. They all have different sizes, face shapes and appearances, each comes with a personalised story.

“They make great gifts for people in hospitals. I will be doing custom fairies soon to reach people’s specific needs and inspire comfort and love between family and friends going through challenging experiences.

“They can mean different things to different people, bringing people a message of hope.

“I made a fairy for my friend once. I personalised it with a story relevant to her mother’s passing, which put a smile on her face at a very difficult time.”

Vicky advises people to contact her with any special requests on 07892861588,

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