Creative Pamela delights after £250 win in our supermarket giveaway

A GAZETTE reader is celebrating after scooping the second £250 prize in our supermarket giveaway.
Pamela Hanan, of Crane Lodge, Salisbury, was delighted to be picked as the winner in our £500 giveaway – following the £250 already handed to mum-of-three Martina Morling.

Retired Ms Hanan said she was planning to spend her money in the build-up to Christmas.
“It’s such a surprise to win, I never thought it would be me,” she said.
And she said the win continued the positivity she felt towards the Gazette, having become a regular reader.
“There is so much in there, I think it’s really good,” she said.
“When you look through, it is just full of what’s going on. It’s really good.
“I’m not on the internet, I leave that to the younger people, so it is really good to have something to read with so much inside.”

Creative Ms Hanan is currently busy making costumes for a local amateur dramatic group, so her win was a welcome distraction from the busy, pre-panto period.

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