Farmers and growers are invited to join new skills and careers platform

The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH) has invited farmers and growers to join its new skills and careers platform. Those joining early will have free access to the test or beta version of its online skills and learning service.

The service has been designed to ‘support sector workers in fulfilling their potential’. It will connect users with training and learning opportunities tailored to their individual sector, role, and skill level.

The TIAH is a professional body for farmers and growers, its goal is to help people working or looking to work in the farming sector to develop their skills and help their businesses succeed, allowing the industry to thrive. The service, therefore, has been designed to be easy to use so that sector workers can review their skills, plan training and record achievements.

Early adopters are being asked to road the beta version of the service for free in return for feedback that can be used to improve the service

Tom Bradshaw, NFU deputy president TIAH board member, said: “What we have set out to do – deliver a truly bespoke service tailored to sector, training, and skill levels – has never been done before, so there is a lot to do.

“While we have made great strides towards achieving our goals, we need the input from end users to ensure we are offering the best possible service. That’s why we have opened up the beta version for all. Not only will testers benefit from free access and the opportunity to kick start or progress with their training, development and careers, but their feedback will also allow us to fine tune the service for future users.

“Our ambition is to not only help those of us who work in the sector – we also want to support the industry as a whole while promoting agriculture as a progressive, professional, and exciting career choice – I urge people to join us in achieving this goal.”

Janet Swading OBE, TIAH chief executive, added: “We know being a farmer or grower is full-on, so we make it easy for you to keep on top of your learning and career development.

“By signing up to the beta service, you will receive personalised learning and development recommendations and reminders to flag when you need to complete time sensitive training. Essentially, we’re here to take away the worry and give you the power to forge ahead with your career while not detracting from the day job.”

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