Groups of 40 youths causing problems around Amesbury park

GROUPS of around 40 young people have been congregating in Amesbury, causing damage and swearing at residents, according to police.

Officers have issued a warning to parents after an “increasing number of calls” regarding anti-social behaviour in the Hardvard Park area of the town.

“We are receiving increasing number of calls relating to anti-social behaviour in Harvard Park, Amesbury, as well as surrounding streets,” a Wiltshire Police spokesperson said.

“Local officers have have been dealing with groups of 40 or more including children as young as 13, hanging around with much older teenagers or even adults, late into the night.

“Some members of the group have been banging and kicking doors and windows, pushing over bins, spitting and swearing at members of the public, playing loud music and dancing and smoking in the park.”

PC Mears added: “These actions are causing some local residents to be distressed, anxious and fearful of leaving their own homes.

“They don’t feel like they can venture into the local park which is a main through-fare for many residents.

“I’d like to ask parents ‘do you know where your children are?’

“Many of the young people we have spoken to openly admit that they have lied to their parents saying they are at youth clubs or staying with friends, or other venues.

“We’re concerned that parents are unaware of what they’re children are up to late into the evening and that they are unsupervised and could be vulnerable.

“We’ve also identified children from other areas to gather here, some as far away as Salisbury.

“It is your parental responsibility to know where your children are and what they are doing.”

Anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour can report it to police on 101.

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