Harnham place of worship could be converted into a two-bed home

A HARNHAM place of worship could be converted into a house, if plans are approved.

Plans to convert the Brethren’s Meeting Room, in Lower Street, into a home have been submitted to Wiltshire Council by Atlas Planning Group.

The application said the scheme came as a “result of the Brethren Congregation no longer requiring the existing use of the building”.

“With the congregation already having ownership of a larger meeting room with a greater capacity located less
than one mile away and given that the application building is used only twice a week, the loss of the community facility has already been accepted by its former users and are fully supportive of the proposed change of use,” it went on.

“We secondly contend that given the small size of the building and lack of parking, its existing use would
not be feasible, economically viable, or appropriate for an alternative community use in this location,” the application added.

“It is said by the applicant that the meeting room only accommodates a maximum of 15 covers when seating at tables and has no on-site car parking.

“Indeed, significant footfall would be required in addition to investment and a large turn over for it to be used as a shop or public house.

“Given the minimal use of the building by the Brethren Congregation (thus giving reason for the proposed changed of use), and with six other existing meeting halls, which can accommodate a greater number of visitors, all being located within a three mile radius of the application site, the building is not appropriate for its existing, or future community use.”

A two-bedroom home would be created at the site, the plans said, without majorly altering the exterior of the building, save for an extra window being added.

A mezzanine floor would be installed inside, creating the second bedroom, the plans said.

They will now be considered by Wiltshire Council planners. For more details, and to comment on the scheme, log on to

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