Have you got the talent to be a chorister?

After last year’s popular Be A Chorister For a Day event that was attended by around 70 children, Salisbury Cathedral is now working towards the serious business of selecting its new choristers for 2023.
Voice Trials for girls will take place in the Cathedral on Saturday, 21st January and for boys on Saturday, 28th January.

So what does it take to be a chorister?
First off, raw talent and a love of singing. The voice trials are not about what you already know or what you have been taught, they are all about your potential. Genuine enthusiasm and energy count for a lot too.

Who can apply?
Anyone in school years 3 and 4 can apply, and the trial isn’t complicated, it just involves singing a short song, doing some simple aural tests and trying some sight singing.

David Halls, director of music in the Cathedral said: “We don’t expect to discover ready-made choristers during this process. What we are looking for are children with talent, who are ready to learn. They’ll start as probationers and train with us for up to a year before they join the choir proper. That means being part of everything, but being given space to develop – and have a lot of fun.”

Each chorister place comes with a place at Salisbury Cathedral School, supported by a bursary and other chorister funds, and with two choirs (a boys and a girls choir) the workload is well managed. If you need to board there is a boarding house in the Close, but day pupils are also welcome to apply.

Choristers have been part of Cathedral life in Salisbury since before the current Cathedral was built. The young singers get to practice and sing some of the most amazing music ever written, from pieces that are 1,000 years old to current, specially commissioned works. They sing in concerts on the national and international stage, as well as getting involved in broadcasts and recordings. This year, the choir is planning a tour in the Isles of Scilly.

Alongside music there are heaps of academic, sporting and creative activities to get involved in too, and of course, the friendships that form within the choir’s family atmosphere.

To apply for a voice trial at one of the dates above please go to [URL:] Chorister Recruitment page on the Cathedral website and complete this [URL for form:] form or contact JoJo Orange on or 01722 555300.

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