How safe do you feel in Salisbury? Groups want to know…

HOW safe do you feel in Salisbury?

That is the question being asked by Salisbury Soroptimists and Safer and Supportive Salisbury.

The groups have been working together in a bid to ‘make our city safer’, including hosting community conferences, carrying out street light audits and talking to stakeholders in the city.

Last year, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office carried out a survey across Wiltshire to find out how safe people felt, both by day and night in the county.

They launched the Night Safety Charter, encouraging night-time venues to sign up and help make the night-time economy safer for everyone.

Now, the groups are hoping to find out how things have changed, if at all, in Salisbury.

“As part of our project Making our City Safer, Salisbury Soroptimists would like to track how things have changed, particularly here in Salisbury, so we are running another survey, using broadly the same questions that were asked last year, so we can track whether and how attitudes have changed,” a spokesperson said.

“We’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete our short survey to help us measure people’s views and attitudes.

“There is the opportunity to let us know anywhere in the city that you don’t feel safe.

“The results of the survey will be made available to the PCC, the city council and the public.”

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