Litter bins are temporarily removed from city centre to save money

A NUMBER of litter bins are being removed from city streets – in a bid to save money.

Salisbury City Council has announced it is temporarily removing some containers.
The move comes as the council takes over some services from Wiltshire Council and contractor, Idverde.
A spokesperson for the council said a lack of staff amid the takeover – and saving money – were behind the removal of the bins.

“There are sound financial reasons for doing this, and ultimately it will make the service more efficient and effective for Salisbury residents,” they said.
“We are taking on some of the Idverde staff.
“However, not all of them wish to transfer to a new employer.
“We are advertising for staff.”
The spokesperson said the bins being removed were not the most commonly filled.
“In the meantime we don’t have the manpower to empty all the bins and we do not wish to see them overflowing onto the streets,” they added.
“The bins that are most commonly used will remain in place, along with our new recycling bins in the city centre.”
People are urged to dispose of their rubbish considerately, the spokesperson said.

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