Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones: Author calls for your Salisbury gig memories

FOR his new book, a local author is writing about Salisbury’s bustling music scene in the 60s and 70s – and he’s calling for your memories.

Simon Hurford writes:

“Hello Salisbury and Avon Gazette,

“I am hoping to write a book about pop music in Salisbury in the years 1958 to 1980.

“Most of the big names in British pop have played concerts in Salisbury, usually at the Salisbury Gaumont, up to 1963, and then at Salisbury City Hall or the Alexandra Rooms.

“If any of your readers have attended gigs in Salisbury I would invite them to contact me, and tell me their stories and memories, good or bad.”

“The sort of artists I plan to write about would be Buddy Holly, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Troggs, Dave Dee, Manfred Mann, Cliff and the Shadows, Cream, Small Faces, The Who, The Move, Kinks, The Troggs, Status Quo, Led Zeppelin, and many many others.

“I would also appreciate any information your readers could give me about the local Salisbury groups of the time, such as Ricky Vernon and the Pathfinders, The Bohemians, The Satellites, Ten Feet Five, The Sceptres, and Danny and the Detonators. I’m sure there must be many others.

“My email address”

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