Lovers garage sale returns to village

The village of Lovers takes the mantra, ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’ very seriously. In fact, the initial response to the questions, ‘do you want a sale this year’ has been met with an enthusiastic response that could well result in the biggest event yet.
The sale will take place 22 April from 8.30am to noon. It will be the 13th sale in the village since the event started and will feature approximately a third of the houses in Lover.
The event was acknowledged a few years ago as the world’s largest village garage sale by the Guinness Book of Records – the fact that no other village entered a similar event, however, means that claim has yet to be made formal.
Other previous notable honours for the sale include it being opened live on BBC radio and once beating Stonehenge as the ‘must do’ weekend event on a local radio phone in.
The event is free, so go and grab a bargain at what is becoming a well-known event in the south and south west of the country.

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