Make it your New Year resolution to learn how to read

Do you know an adult who struggles to read? It might surprise you that 2.4m adults in the UK do not have sufficient reading skills to adequately function as readers.
There are many reasons why someone might have missed learning this essential life skill.
Consider how hard life must be if you constantly have to evolve strategies to manage without reading.
So if you know someone who struggles, why not encourage that person to make a New Year’s resolution to learn to read with a free, confidential one-to-one service.
Read Easy is a national volunteer organisation which can help. We match potential readers with volunteer coaches who meet with them twice a week for half an hour.
Venues are public but with some privacy for everyone’s safety. The service is entirely free.
Readers work at their own pace with no pressure or stress.
Your local team is here to help: Read Easy South & East Wiltshire –

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