Man of steel works industrial look into custom-made interior design

Words and photos Tristan Ovington.

JAMS Interiors is an interior design shop offering custom-made metal lamps, re-upholstered antique furniture and vintage antique prints. The owner Andrew Parker opened JAMS on January 15th, 2022.
But where did the name JAMS come from? “J.A.M.S uses the first initial of each of my family: J for my youngest daughter Jade, A for me, M for my eldest daughter Michaela; and S is my wife, Sarah.”
Andrew’s professional background gave him the idea for starting a business: “I was a steel fabricator for 30 years. Roughly 10 years ago, I noticed the industrial look was gaining in popularity and so I started restoring vintage industrial items, which were very familiar to me because of the mostly metal construction.
“I started selling my work at vintage markets, mainly in the London area, before moving on to exhibitions such as Grand Designs Live and the Ideal Home Show.

“At these markets, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and Kevin McCloud came to see what we offered and were both impressed. When the lockdown ended last year, we decided to look for a permanent base and open a shop.”
JAMS stocks Andrew’s items along with a selection from other producers in the area: “There are a few items from other local makers and some affordable art, most of which is street-art style or vintage movie posters. One of the most popular prints I have had is a limited edition of 100 titled The Curve Of Your Lips Rewrite History. It has hidden images of strong women in the design, such as Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, and Jessica Ennis.
“I have had three of these prints, all sold within a week of displaying, and we sold each to a mother buying a present for their daughters who were either finishing university or starting a new career. Each of the mothers told me how much their daughter loved the gift.”

Andrew remembers the most explosive item he ever created. “A few years ago, a couple of antique dealers travelled to the UK with a truck full of items. I purchased two spent bombshells from them and made a one-off pair of lamps. They looked very striking and were so rare and unique that I will never have anything like that to work with again.”

And Andrew is keen to work with other businesses in the local area to create a community shopping experience. “We hope to collaborate with other Winchester Street businesses over Christmas to help promote the area. Keep an eye out for updates on Instagram @winchesterstindies.”

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