Mickey and Donald help Lover Repair Café celebrate 4,000th job

Two concrete statues, one of Mickey Mouse and the other of Donald Duck, are among the more unusual repairs that have been undertaken by the Lover Repair Café.

As if that wasn’t enough, these two statues are also the 4,000th repair to be completed by the team at Lover since it started in 2019 – an achievement that is worthy of a celebration.
Lover Repair Café’s team of volunteers will happily take on the repair of most items that are bought in – electrical items, small kitchen appliances, toys, furniture, tools, technical items (such as laptops and tablets), textiles, ceramics, clocks, watches.

Another satisfied customer, as Mickey Mouse and Donlad Duck become the 4,000th repair

Another satisfied customer, as Mickey Mouse and Donlad Duck become the 4,000th repair

If you can carry it in to them; they’ll try and repair it.
A Repair Café is a meeting place where visitors bring their broken items along for repair. Visitors are encouraged to stay with the repairer so that they learn how to undertake repairs themselves, or they can meet others and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in a positive, friendly atmosphere.
On average, Lover Repair Café’s volunteers tackle around 80 items a month – and successfully repair almost all of them. This means repaired items are being used for longer and don’t have to be thrown away.
This reduces the waste going to landfill and reduces the volume of raw materials and energy needed to make new products. Both of these, therefore, cut CO2 emissions. It also saves visitors the cost of having to buy new items, while donations from visitors for their repairs have allowed Lover Repair Café to donate over £22,000 to local charities.

Lover Repair Café is part of the Repair Café Foundation, a global movement of 2,500 cafés in 30 countries, with 35,000 volunteers repairing almost 46,000 items every month.

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