Plans for 406 homes on outskirts of Salisbury submitted

DETAILED plans for more than 400 homes on the outskirts of Salisbury have been submitted.

The scheme, for a total of 406 homes, is the second phase of the 600-home development approved in June 2020, for land south of Netherhampton Road, at West Harnham.

A new school is also part of the overall plans.

This, second phase of the development, includes the largest number of homes, which will be made up of 14 one-bedroom flats and 90 two-bedroom, 167 three-bedroom, 118 four-bedroom and 17 five-bedroom houses.

A range of homes would be built on the site. Picture: Vistry Group/Wiltshire Council

A range of homes would be built on the site. Picture: Vistry Group/Wiltshire Council

The development will also include 83 affordable rent and 64 shared ownership properties, which are spread across the site.

As well as new homes, the application details “landscape features” proposed for the sitem including a wildflower meadow grassland, wet meadow grassland, bat and bird boxes and log piles to provide wildlife habitats.

For more details on the scheme, and to comment on the plans, log on to and search for application reference PL/2023/11196.


  1. Robert Read Reply

    Building on this very historical flood plains will inevitably bring flooding to Salisbury or further down the Avon Valley. No amount of drainage will prevent the inevitable floods. How can this be justified. ??

  2. Steven Baldock Reply

    And there will still only be one road in and out! I live in Harnham and some times the traffic backs up from the Harnham roundabout to the One Stop shop! The road will become one large car park! We need a southern bypass before building any more!
    Where do the people who thinks this is a good idea live? Doubt if it’s in Harnham.
    They must only be allowed out with their Support Workers!
    Also a number of 5 bedroom houses! That’s going to help the youngsters get on the housing ladder. Probably more profitable than the usual little boxes.

  3. P Arnott Reply

    I think it is a dreadful idea. The road to town will never manage the amount of cars. And Harnham will be polluted with exhaust fumes. I thank you for ruining Harnham

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