Restaurant gets positive feedback for plant swap

Words and photo by Tristan Ovington.

Trendy Asian restaurant Lah Koh hosts a monthly plant swap event. We went along to find out what the event was all about.
One of the owners spoke to us about the idea and why the restaurant’s customers were keen to get involved. “Houseplant lovers from Salisbury and beyond come and trade their excess plants for new ones. We love our plants here at Lah Koh. We’ve had a few customers ask for cuttings and offshoots from our plants before, so we thought we could create an event where people were free to bring some of their cuttings to exchange for new plants. Buying plants can get expensive, especially when you start collecting them, and there are so many different types.”

Reflecting on initial responses to the plant exchange, she continued: “People were excited. We had a great deal of positive feedback when we posted about the event. Although it took a little time for the event to become established, we now have regulars, and there are always many plants to share around.”
But the plant exchange isn’t just a bit of fun. It also says a great deal about Lah Koh’s philosophy. “Plants are an important part of Lah Koh, both in our decor and food. Our food is packed with veggies and plants that match our image of healthy but hearty food. The name Lah Koh is taken from a type of bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.
“The plant exchange has started to build up a community feel about it. It’s nice to see people bond over their shared love for plants. It’s such a welcoming space and is an easy place to get to know people who you’d never have spoken to if you didn’t love plants.”
How do Gazette readers take part? “We host the exchange monthly on the first Sunday from 2pm to 3pm and our next one will be on November 6th. All you need is a cutting, some baby plants or a plant you’ve fallen out of love with. We place them all on the table and at 2:30 let people take what they want. We just ask people to be courteous and not take too many. We usually have plants leftover and haven’t had any issues yet. We always love seeing new people, so come along.”

Lah Koh, 17-19 Fisherton St, Salisbury

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