Road safety improvements: Put your views forward on potential changes

Wiltshire Council is planning to apply for greater powers to help reduce moving traffic offences, using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for enforcement as part of its business plan commitment to improve road safety in the county.

Moving traffic offences are currently only enforceable by the police in Wiltshire, as is the case in other Local Authorities outside London.

They include driving offences such as going the wrong way down a one-way street; driving through a No Entry sign; ignoring a weight limit; or turning left or right where it is not permitted.

Local authorities are now able to apply for new powers to enforce moving traffic offences and will be able to issue fines to drivers for these offences.

In Wiltshire, the council has identified an initial six sites that would benefit from enforcement and is asking for people’s views on whether these sites are suitable.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport, said: “We are committed to improving road safety in Wiltshire, and that is why we’re applying for these new powers to tackle moving traffic offences such as ignoring weight limits or No Entry signs.

“Moving traffic offences put all road users at risk, with pedestrians – particularly those with additional access requirements or limited mobility – especially vulnerable to the dangers when drivers ignore the rules of the road.
“This is not a money-making exercise for us; it’s about putting road safety first and our calculations show the technology will cost us money, rather than generate income.

“We’ve identified an initial six sites, but we’d like to hear people’s views on them so that we can tap into local knowledge and opinion.

“We’re also asking for people to identify other sites with current moving traffic restrictions in place around Wiltshire which they think may be suitable for ANPR-based enforcement in the future.

“I’d urge all residents and businesses in these areas to take the survey and let us know their views as we seek to improve safety on Wiltshire’s roads.”

The first six survey sites include two in the Gazette area:
● Hollows Close in Salisbury, prohibition of vehicles: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 9.30am and 2pm to 6pm, except permit holders
● Saxon Road in Salisbury, prohibition of vehicles: Monday to Friday, except permit holders.
The survey is open until Wednesday, 28th June.

To find out more and to take the survey, go to:

To request a paper copy of the survey, people should call 01225 713497 or email

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