Sale of memoirs to give something back to those who helped author

Local author Sue Devereux always wanted to give something back to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust after the excellent care she received there throughout her life.

Following her previous experiences authoring academic and self-help literature, she realised that her light-hearted memoir, ‘Looking on the Bright Side: A Vet’s Tale’ was the way to generate funds for Salisbury Hospital through the Stars Appeal.

“It all began in October 2009 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” explains Sue. “Writing about my experiences was a way of coping and finding strength. The first half of the book is about my experience of becoming a vet and my passion for the job, with some sad, touching and funny stories along the way.

“The second half is about what it was like being diagnosed with cancer while working as a vet and being a single mum of two teenage children.”

Sue believes that she couldn’t have written this or her previous books without help and encouragement from friends and family.

“When I wrote a previous book about horse care for horse owners, my friend Liz Morrison made sure the book was accessible for horse owners.

“And when I showed the first draft of ‘Looking on the Bright Side’ to my son he wrote a note saying, ‘It’s really good, mum. Go for it!’ and I didn’t ask anyone else for feedback because his words gave me enough encouragement to know I could be successful.”

Sue’s memoir touched more hearts than she expected. “In the book, I mentioned that I loved yellow roses.

“One day I noticed a lady in my garden walking with a big bouquet of yellow roses and when I came out to speak to her she gave me the flowers and told me that my book really helped her get through her breast cancer treatment. I was really surprised and touched.”

I started veterinary training in 1978 at Bristol Vet School and it was my love of animals and desire to help them when they are ill or in pain that motivated me.

“Working in healthcare, whether for animals or people, is challenging, and I hope that my book will help them to see the challenges of people who work in caring professions.

“All the profits from ‘Looking on the Bright Side’ go to Stars Appeal, to make a real difference to patients in Salisbury Hospital.”

Looking on the Bright Side: A Vet’s Tale is available on Amazon or signed copies from:

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