Salisbury among top cities for accessibility in the UK

Salisbury is the seventh most accessible city in the UK according to research carried out by Age Mobility UK.

As the charity states the accessibility of the city’s across the UK can always be improved, with the latest data from the UK parliament website revealing that an estimated 14.6 million people in the UK have a disability, which is about 22% of the entire population.

Therefore, making sure that those with disabilities are respected, included, and catered for should be a high priority.

To determine which city is doing the most for those with access needs like stair lift users, the study compared all of the UK’s cities, from London to St Davids, ranking them based on different accessibility factors,  such as the number of accessible parking locations, public toilets, and restaurants, as a percentage of their population.

The results revealed that Wells is the most accessible city in the UK, followed by Chichester, Ely, Truro and Bath, while Bradford is the least accessible. Salisbury achieved a score of 303 compared to the UK average of 185.

To determine the rankings, points were awarded to every city in the UK (including London as one city) depending on where they ranked within various accessibility metrics.

An overall score was then created to determine the most accessible city. The categories the study looked at were:

● Number of accessible restaurants
● Number of accessible hotels
● Number of accessible attractions/activities
● Number of accessible parking locations
● Number of accessible toilets.

The news comes hot on the heels of Salisbury being named the best place to live in Wiltshire by popular website, Muddy Stilettos.

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