Special menu and activities as Tops Day Nurseries celebrates coronation

The staff and children at Tops Day Nurseries, with a nursery onsite at the Salisbury District Hospital, celebrated the King’s coronation through a variety of exciting activities and a special menu designed by the Tops catering team.

Nurseries throughout the group took part in a variety of activities, including creating their own crowns and sceptres, a royal parade, and a special storytelling session where the children learnt all about the history of the coronation.

The Tops catering team also put together a special menu to honour the King, for the children to enjoy.

The main dish on the menu was a delicious Duchy cheddar and tomato quiche.

The quiche featured fresh ingredients produced from the Duchy estates, the foundations and sustainable ethos of which was created by King Charles, a great tribute to the King.

Ahead of the festivities, Pete Ttofis, catering manager at Tops said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating the King’s coronation with our children and staff.

“It’s important to us that our children learn about our country’s history and traditions, and what better way to do that than through fun activities and a special menu?”

The celebrations were not only a fun way to celebrate the King’s coronation, they also provided an opportunity for the children to learn about the importance of history, culture, and tradition.

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